1. The highlight of my day (year?) has been watching kids jump around in the bouncy castle clutching one of our plush. #Crafted @OConnorBrewing

  2. Replenishing stock for #Crafted: baby octos.

  3. Trying out cutting Flibbityfuzz parts in the Accuquilt. The cut-edge on the bottom is a different look. What do you guys think?

  4. Mag’hheran is on her way to Seattle.

  5. Mother Goddess of the Flibbityfuzz. She needs a name…

  6. Almost done. Just have to sew faux fur to spandex.

  7. Wangs


  8. (anonymous leak of a rap song about a plush toy)

    Music video coming soon.

  9. laceymicallef:

    some space dog assets 

    stop it I want to buy this game now.

  10. vanishing-tardis:

    This is an amazing book

    What is this I have to have it.

    (via sharpless)